Insights+ Support

What is CenHub Insights+?

  • Insights+ is a new subscription-based feature of CenHub - Central Hudson’s online destination for account management and energy-saving products, programs and incentives. CenHub allows customers to take control of their energy use in a centralized location through My Account, the CenHub Store, Insights and Insights+. 

What is the difference between CenHub Insights and CenHub Insights+?

  • CenHub Insights+ takes the benefits of CenHub Insights to a whole new level. As with Insights, customers will still receive personalized energy-saving tips, access to points for gift redemption, and overall home energy usage data. As a bonus, Insights+ provides personalized energy usage data over daily, weekly and monthly time frames. By analyzing when your usage is highest, educational decisions can be made as to when and how to conserve energy and save money.

Why might I be ineligible for Insights+?

There are instances when you may not be able to subscribe to this new service due to ineligibility, which may be due to one or more of the following:
  • Insufficient/unavailable Verizon cellular coverage in your area (this coverage is necessary for data transfer);
  • You do not have a residential account;
  • Your meter is located inside your residence;
  • You have an incompatible meter pan - you will need an electrician to upgrade this component if you decide to subscribe to Insights+;
  • You have a gas meter on your house (this program is for electric customers only);
  • Your Central Hudson account is not in good standing.

What kind of meter is being installed?

  • The Insights+ meter is a digital meter that stores usage information at 15 minute intervals. This usage information is collected and sent to Central Hudson via the Verizon cellular network once daily.

Are these meters dangerous?

  • These meters typically operate between 900 and 925 Hz, similar to that of many cordless telephones, and transmit at regular intervals, four times per day.

Will my meter be changed back if I cancel my subscription?

  • The Insights+ meter will remain but you will no longer see daily data available through the CenHub Insights+ screens. If you wish to have your meter changed, it will be subject to standard meter change fees.

There is already an Insights+ meter on my house from the previous owner. Can I see past data prior to enrolling?

  • Usage data is account specific and only begins with your enrollment to the program.

Will Central Hudson still send meter readers to my house?

  • Yes, Central Hudson meter readers will continue to read meters and do visual inspections bi-monthly.

Will I be able to see my gas usage with Insights+?

  • If you have gas service you will notice that you have two different meters. The meter that we are replacing for Insights+ is strictly for electric usage.

I signed up, now what?

  • Your meter will be replaced within 30 days of enrollment. There is no additional cost for the meter, you do not have to be home for the meter change and no appointment is necessary. Once your new Insights+ meter is installed, you will be able to view your energy usage on CenHub by visiting the “My Usage” page within the CenHub Insights dropdown menu no less than 24 hours after the meter is installed. Be sure to check your email for an educational series on the features of the Insights+ program (home profile, points, comparisons, etc.) and energy-saving tips.

When will I see my energy usage data?

  • Your electric energy usage data will take up to 48 hours once your meter is installed and will continually be shown on a day behind basis.

Where do I go to see my data?

  • Log in to your CenHub account via Your data is located on the My Usage page accessible through the CenHub Insights dropdown menu.

Can I download my data?

  • Absolutely! Simply click the Green Button Download below the graph. See the links in the Green Button Download box for more information on compatible Green Button applications.

When will my credit card be charged?

  • Your card will be charged 30 days after subscribing for Insights+, and on a monthly basis after that as a charge from the CenHub Store.

How do I update my credit card information?

  • Contact the CenHub Store here and one of our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you!

Will I be charged my Insights+ subscription of $4.99 on my Central Hudson bill?

  • $4.99 will be billed monthly to the credit card account used at the time of subscription purchase. This charge will not be reflected on your energy bill from Central Hudson. It also cannot be added to your bill as it is considered a separate program and service.

How come my bill doesn’t match my graph?

  • The time of day in which your meter is read during bi-monthly meter reads may be different than when your meter totals your daily and monthly usage.

Will I still get an estimated Central Hudson bill?

  • The Insights+ meter will provide an actual read on which your bill will be based. However, any meter reading method whether in person or via transmitted data is susceptible to estimated reads for instances such as communication interruptions, outages or lack of access to the meter by our field personnel.

How do I unsubscribe from Insights+?

  • To cancel your subscription, call the Central Hudson Customer Service Center at (845) 486-5221. Once your subscription has been cancelled, your credit card will no longer be charged for this service.