Sengled® Element Classic A19 Starter Kit (2 Bulbs + Hub)

Sengled® Element Classic A19 Starter Kit (2 Bulbs + Hub)

Sengled® Element Classic A19 Starter Kit (2 Bulbs + Hub)
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It­'s simple to get smart about your lighting with the affordable, easy-to-use Element Classic Starter Kit. This kit includes two A19 LED Element Classic bulbs (the right fit for most lamps and interior fixtures) and the Element Hub which provides secure, instant access to your system wherever and whenever you need it. For complete control of your home's lighting system, add up to 50 Element bulbs on a single hub and adjust them from your smartphone or with your voice.

Lighting for your smart home

Turn the lights on/off, dim to the desired light level and set up schedules using the Sengled Element Home app (iOS and Android).


Control your lights remotely or set the lights to turn on before you get home in the evening. And if you forget to turn off the lights, do so using the app.


The Sengled Element Classic Bulb is ENERGY STAR® certified. Save 80% more energy with LED bulbs than incandescent lighting. And because Element LED bulbs save 80 percent energy compared to incandescent lighting, you can monitor electricity use (kWh) and watch the savings add up in Performance section of the Element Home app.


The Sengled Element bulb starter kit works directly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can turn on/off lights from the couch to watch a movie—all without lifting a finger.



Connect your Sengled Element Classic Bulbs to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa so that you can control your lights with your voice. 


Technical Specifications


Sengled® Pulse LED Speaker and Bulb 2-pack

Pulse combines the energy efficiency of a dimmable LED light with the high-quality audio of a JBL® Bluetooth speaker that you can control with your iOS or Android device.

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Sengled® Element Classic A19 Bulb

Element Classic A19 bulbs are the simple way to get started with smart lighting. Turn On/Off, dim, and schedule using the mobile app and compatible hubs. Certified with Amazon Alexa and Echo Plus, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings and Wink.

Sengled Element A19

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Sengled® Color Plus

The Sengled Element Color Plus system is the perfect way to bring both color and white light to your home. Download the Sengled Element app (free on iOS and Android) and use the in-app guide to set up the Element system. Fine-tune each light to create the perfect ambience in every room.


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